Searching for the Best Insurance Plans
for You or Your Business? 

Finding the best insurance coverage you can afford is certainly not an easy task. 

Shopping for insurance policies (or simply reading through a policy you already have) can be confusing and incredibly frustrating. 

Wouldn't you feel more secure knowing that you actually fully understand your insurance policy?

Blacksburg insurance policy

This is where a knowledgeable, independent insurance agent can be of tremendous help. 

Dodge Insurance Agency is an experienced insurance brokerage that will break down the insurance jargon and legalese into something that is easy for you to understand. 

Our agents provide friendly and knowledgeable service for our clients, whether individuals, families or businesses.

We are proficient in navigating the Federal Healthcare Marketplace, otherwise known as Obamacare, for our individual clients.

Our agents also work with many small and large businesses in Blacksburg and around the New River Valley to provide health coverage, business liability insurance, and other group benefits tailored to a businesses’ needs.

Types of insurance offered at Blacksburg Insurance

Our agency takes pride in providing fast, professional service to our clients and we strive to improve our clients’ satisfaction with their insurance experience.

The Advantage of Independence

As an Independent Brokerage, we do not represent a particular insurance carrier or company.

This means that we can shop around to find the best insurance product for our clients from a variety of choices.

Working with an educated independent insurance broker is the best way to streamline the process and maximize the policy’s benefits simultaneously.

Our independent brokers are experts on the plans they represent, and will be able to make the policies easy to understand and compare for our clients.

The Benefit of Experience

Our Blacksburg insurance agents have over 35 years of combined experience in the insurance field.

Due to the longevity of our business, we have experienced many changes in the way insurance is offered and priced in the present day.

Our brokers are intimately familiar with the details of the Affordable Care Act, and will help our clients understand how it affects their families or businesses.

Our agency can also assist with business compliance and regulatory issues that have become relevant since the passing of the Affordable Care Act.

Although we don’t yet know what extent the present government will change the shape of insurance, we will be prepared and educated to assist our clients with any of the ways that the new administration will affect their insurance needs.

This means that we will always be able to find the best insurance for you, no matter what changes come your way.